Ask any Airbnb Host what the biggest challenge of 2020 -> 2022 was…?

Cleaning is the answer.

In Brisbane alone, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak saw 37,595 international students leaving QLD, stripping local businesses of their casual workforce.

Nationally, international students dropped from 756,656 in 2019 to 552,491 in 2021 with 204,165 having left Australia.


International students make up a workforce of jobs that we took for granted.


A huge range of businesses saw a dramatic reduction in staff numbers…including cleaning, hospitality, aged care, supermarket staff, security, agriculture, manufacturing…

The shortage of cleaners caused by two years of border closures and lockdowns saw many cleaning businesses close &/or turn back potential customers, as they just didn’t have staff to complete the work.

Pre-pandemic you could put an advertisement for a cleaner and be flooded by applications. Now…an advertisement will see no applications. Instead, we offer incentives to lure staff…higher pay rates, bonuses for continual 5-star ratings, referral payments for finding other cleaning staff…”

Australia slowly started to reopen late 2021, with fully vaccinated international students and backpackers on working holiday visas among those allowed back in on December 15.

Since then, official figures show more than 56,000 international students have returned to Australia as of Jan. 30, 2022, and another 50,000 more have their student visa applications filed.

  • On Nov.25, 2021, the Australian government announced changes to the Australian post-study work visa rights to give international students some flexibility upon their return.
  • Thanks to the changes made to the visa, international students can now remain in Australia longer to live, study or work after completing their studies.
  • In January 2022, the 40-hour-a-fortnight limit for student visa holders has been temporarily removed, allowing them to work for an unrestricted amount of time while studying.
  • Additionally, international students who arrive in Australia will have their visas rebated at a cost of $630 per student. The refund is offered until March 19, 2022.


Slowly, with the return of international students…the massive shortfall of cleaners will improve!

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