What sets you apart from other short-term property firms?

When we started in 2016 with one apartment, we personally completed the cleaning, washing linen + all communication with guests….this is not a job, it’s a life & it never turns off…

You could say that we learnt from doing the hard work!

Comparing ourselves with standard property managers, they have it easy & if that is their background, then it may not be a great training background for this work.

By knowing first-hand & combined with perfectionism + OCD, it’s a recipe for perfection 

To highlight a few key points that sets us above our competition;

  • Our level of service + standard of cleanliness is consistently 5* star reviews from guests
  • The ability to provide all linen at an inexpensive fee to guests

Ask any of our competition what they charge guests for cleaning / linen fee… Then ask…would you pay that in addition to your nightly fee?

  • Our Occupancy is ~85% across all properties per month

This is a result of keeping the cleaning / linen fee at a reasonable price (see the Q&A for cleaning & linen fee)

  • The Property Manager is the only point of contact + knows everything about your apartment / house, so can quickly respond with any questions
  • Providing all the extras, so that guests feel at home immediately

Evidence..you ask?? Check out what guests say…

What's involved with set-up?

Our standard is the same….whether guests pay $100 per night or $1,000.

All properties are setup with our secret recipe 

Dependent on what you have already, we can help with everything needed &/or give you our recommendations for you to purchase furnishings.

In addition to the furnishings, we will complete a once-off supermarket shop, unpack all the goodies, set-up our linen + make your place sparkle!

Professional photos are a must, as too is our Welcome Pack which is bespoke for each property… (a local’s perspective on Brissie, with what’s good + the ins / outs of your place + pics of how to get the keys & self-check in).

After the set-up, we include unlimited supplies top up’s for the life of your property with us!

What linen do you provide?
  • All you need is 4x Pillows + a Doona for each bed (we can get these for you if you’d like)

    We supply;

    • The Mattress Protector/s & they’re changed regularly during our changeovers
    • White 100% Cotton Flat, Fitted sheets + 2x Pillow Cases
    • Bright coloured 100% Cotton Doona covers + 2x matching Pillow Cases
    • Soft, fluffy, Egyptian 100% Cotton Towels, Face Washers, Hand Towels + Bath Mat (and a spare towel + face washer in the cupboard)
    • Tea-Towels

    But wait, there’s more…we also supply a woollen, ribbed throw / blanket over the end of the bed 

Do you use other websites besides Airbnb?

We use a combination of various sites;

  • Airbnb – Accounts for ~80% of guests
  • Booking.com – Accounts for ~15% of guests
  • HomeAway (Stayz) – Accounts for ~1-2% of guests
  • Online Direct Bookings (from this website) – Accounts for ~2-3% of guests

Google Maps is also a great source of our guests. Your property is added to Google Maps, with a link to Airbnb.

Aside from the main sites, properties also appear on 20+ global websites

Do you have a contract period?
  • The minimum is 6 months for our Flat Fee (except if we are looking after it while you’re away)
  • 12 months for the Guaranteed Income
  • Of course, there is no maximum…

We will complete an agreement with you, but if you are not happy with our service, then we aren’t happy either! Short-term renting is best over a long term (if that makes sense). You will see the average income increase in time, as we need guests staying + great reviews. So, the longer you leave it on short-term the greater the average income.

What is the cleaning + linen fee?

We also use Airbnb / Booking.com for our travels & cannot stand when the cleaning / linen fee is exuberant!

All our linen is washed at our base in New Farm, line dried, into the commercial dryer (to get it hot), then pressed, folded & packed ready to go…. by keeping our linen ‘in-house’ we can keep the cost down.

Our cleaning team work directly for us (they’re like our family) & have been with us since 2017.

The cleaning fee is paid by the guest in addition to the nightly fee.

An average;

  • 1-bedroom apartment is $59
  • 2-bedroom apartment is $79
  • 3-bedroom apartment is $99
  • 4-bedroom house is $135

This will be confirmed after we have seen what’s involved, but it won’t vary much, if any.

Can I see my property, bookings, calendar, reviews + can myself, friends / family stay?
  • Of course!

You can access your calendar…view all messages & replies from guests, calendar of all bookings, nightly rates, reviews + star rating…not to forget, current + future earnings.

If you want to block a night off to stay for yourself or anyone…you can simply block that date… (if you want your friend to pay for their stay…refer them to this website).


I’m a host already on Airbnb, can you manage it while I’m away?
  • Absolutely!

We can manage your property for a short or long time, depending on your plans…

We still need to setup your place with all the niceties + supplies, as this makes us stand apart

You’ll see from the reviews that guests love it + the income to prove it 😉