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The short-term rental market in Brisbane is growing steadily…

As you can imagine, currently there are no overseas travellers, but the shift has been to Australians looking for a change of scenery, people remote working in Airbnb’s & families moving properties with Airbnb being the ‘in between’ house.

As a result, the trend has resulted in an increased length of stay.

These new trends are perfect for investment property owners to list their homes on Airbnb and enjoy a higher return on their investment than traditional rental.


If you are looking to find the best Airbnb Property Management company…

Some points to consider when searching;

Guest Cleaning Fee

  • Most companies will outsource their cleaning + linen to others
  • The cleaning fee is paid by the guest, but the higher the cost, the lower the occupancy.
  • Check what the cleaning fee is + what it includes
  • Also check to see that if there is any cost to you…

Restocking Supplies

  • Put yourself in the guest’s shoes, as without them…you have no income.
  • Find out what supplies are available for guests in your investment property
  • Is the cost of these included in the management or cleaning fee?
  • Will you pay for the top-ups / restocking of these?

Maintenance Cost

  • This is a huge component, as guests (generally) won’t water the plants, tighten the screw or fix the…
  • With guests departing + arriving same day, or even with an ongoing guest… fixing the screw, toilet seat, shower etc…needs to be done with priority
  • Ask what the cost of these services are & who pays

For example;

  • The cleaners find the air-con remote has water spilt on it & doesn’t work…
  • The management company should seek the monies from the previous guest, but foremost replace the remote at no charge to you (it’s not your fault &/or why should you pay?)



  • Fast, Friendly + Accurate 🙂
  • This is up there with number 1 on your list
  • Airbnb shows the response time of the host
  • Now imagine, you are outside the property, kids on one arm, bags in the other & you cannot find how to get the keys…
  • You want…. Fast, Friendly + Accurate!



  • Each property management company has their own style
  • Some manage the property like your traditional rental & all you get to see is the monthly income / reporting
  • Airbnb has a Co-Host feature that allows you to see all communication between the Guest & Host
  • Ask what is available for you to see (calendars, reporting, communication)


Like Uber was to Taxis… Airbnb is to Rentals…

SleepOver Brisbane is the premier boutique short-term rental + property management company.

Now partnered with Airbnb as a Pro Host + Brisbane’s Host Leader.

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