SO nice to have a long weekend! Getting away can be hard for us all….so;

  • You book ahead
  • Plan for the occasion
  • Pack your gear
  • Get the pets looked after
  • Maybe even put a nice wine in your bag to enjoy when you arrive….

 Then you arrive at the so booked accommodation and as we all do…check out all the drawers, cupboards etc to see what is supplied. Only to find, that;

  • Should have packed more toiletries (as they only have the tiny bottles of shampoo / 1x bar of soap), including toilet paper, as there’s only 1 roll
  • The internet is so slow that you can barely use it (Netflix is out)
  • There’re no power points by the bed to charge your gizmo’s
  • Your wife’s suggestion of ironing your shirts was a good idea, as there’s no iron
  • You hang your (unironed) shirts on 1x coat hanger, as there is only 3 for you both to use
  • Then…disaster! There are no wine glasses, so you end up drinking your fabulous bottle out of the coffee cups.

So….you’ve unpacked and instead of enjoying the peace & quiet…you jump back into the car to find the nearest convenience store, to purchase the missing supplies required.


 Man! I hate this… it’s a long weekend + we have booked well in advance to secure the (what we thought) was the best Airbnb / Holiday rental, we have also paid a premium price per night + the convenience store charges inflated prices. This long weekend was my father’s 75th Birthday celebrations in Byron Bay…. Not only at the Holiday rental (Booking.com) that we stayed at over the long weekend in Bangalow, but also at my father’s house (Airbnb) in Byron Bay was this the case. The Airbnb property was >$500 per night, so you’d certainly expect for that money, that it not only has the essentials, but goes above & beyond with the little things that matter. Sadly, it didn’t. The internet was an Optus 4G wi-fi device, with speed so slow that you couldn’t open a webpage + the house manual highlighted that the TV had Netflix, but the internet was monitored & you were not allowed to stream movies….any excess data would be an additional charge! It also lacked any niceties… no tea, no serviettes, 1x 300ml long life milk, 2x rolls of toilet paper (per 3 bathrooms)…

 Not only do I expect these in a >$500 per night property…. I expect them in a $50 per night property!   This is the benchmark (along with more) that SleepOver Brisbane sets as a minimum standard for all properties that we manage. Yes, our aim is for guests to leave a 5* review, but this is based solely on their experience and the little extra’s that should be expected when you’re away from home. If you have an investment property in Brisbane, that you’re either, currently renting out via Airbnb or thinking of taking the step…. Press here to find out more!


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