Long Term Lease vs Short Term Rental?

Things have changed. The long-term rental market has seen a massive shake up thanks to the dawning of Airbnb + other platforms.

Generally, there are two options for your investment property;

  • Long-term rental which tends to be for periods of 6 – 12 months
  • Short-term rental which is for shorter periods ranging from days, weeks or a month+

So…the big question is what makes more money?

To not keep you in suspense…the answer to this question, is you will make more income via short-term vs a long-term lease.

However, it’s not all about money, so let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both options, to base this statement on facts.


To compare short-term vs long-term income, this is the figures from 3 properties in Brisbane…


Cover1 Bedroom Apartment in New Farm
  • $325 per week
  • $645 per week

2 Bedroom Apartment in Bowen Hills

  • $490 per week
  • $640 per week

2 Bedroom Apartment in Auchenflower

  • $370 per week
  • $525 per week

 * The long-term per week is net (based on 7.7% property management fee )

* The short-term per week is net (based on an average over 12 months)

Still not sure?

SleepOver Brisbane is!

So much so, that we have introduced Guaranteed Income.

That’s right…we will pay you more than a long-term lease.

No property management fees, no monthly statement fees + we will pay an additional 3% for the utility bills  64

Contact Us for more info.

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