Do you have the same packing routing?

Pull out your hard coat bag from the top shelf of the cupboard, toss it on the bed and pack all your gear for the trip. Once arriving at the Airbnb or hotel unless a luggage rack is set up, throw your bag onto the bed again, pull out your PJ’s, toiletries and the essential things needed, then push your bag somewhere out of the way….

Netflix has a series with Marie Kondo, a world-renowned ‘tidying’ expert where she helps clients clear out all their clutter.

Marie says that whenever she returns from a trip she unpacks immediately and wipes the wheels of her suitcase before returning her luggage to her cupboard.

I don’t know about you… but I have never wiped down the wheels of my luggage.

If you picture all the places your luggage has been since you bought it… the various counties, cities, train stations, roads, puddles, in and out of bathrooms and most importantly…the wheels of your luggage…yuk!

What’s worse, is we then put our luggage + wheels onto the bed where we sleep

Imagine the germs + bugs that we are potentially carrying around on our luggage and then letting loose into the bed, before we get in….

If you choose to follow Marie’s tip, it’ll take about two or three disinfectant wipes for each wheel to get all the dirt, gunk, and unseen germs off.

In our (SleepOver Brisbane) Airbnb properties, we have a luggage rack in each bedroom.

We put these in for the ease of unpacking and let’s face it, if you’re only staying a night or two, it’s easier to live out of your suitcase.

However, since hearing Marie’s tip for wiping the wheels down…it’s even more reason to have + use the luggage rack.

A luggage rack is such a handy way to access your clothing without having to sit on the floor or completely unpack your bag into the cupboard…it is also now the best way to keep your germy bag away from the place you’re sleeping.

Bedbugs have also become more of a global issue, so keeping your suitcase on a luggage rack reduces your risk of encountering those unseen germs.

A recent experience we had at an Airbnb, the owner had removed the doors off the built-in wardrobe and fit it with purpose-built shelving to put your bag onto, with some hanging + shelving space.

It was a great example of the owner, really thinking of guests’ needs and it was just easy + logical to throw your bag onto the shelf and proceed with the normal routine of partially unpacking.

I’ll bet they did not even take into account, the germy wheel factor…

When you arrive back home, you can always throw a spare towel or sheet across the bed and unpack your bag on top of that.

Of course, another option is to get a fold up luggage rack and put it into the spare cupboard…

This would have the added bonus of being able to pull it out when guests stay and not have to ask your friends + family to NEVER put their suitcase on the bed